Thursday, 7 June 2007

Valuable Bits

The valuable bits of your life
Are the bits that bring tears to your eyes

(Read this how you want)

Egal Bohen


I, like the view said...

I did - thank you

Egal Bohen said...

And this is the second ever comment. Thank you I,LTV!

The essence of this poem was, quite seriously, that the most important things in our lives are usually those bits that make you very happy or very sad, either way " eye watering"

I added the comment when I published it as it ocurred to me having read it a second time that male readers have other "bits" in their lives that may make their eyes water under certain circumstances and probably may consider them just as, or in fact, even very much more important. Hence the note: "Read this how you want"
Can you think of any other ways it may be read?

Mel said...

*sneaking in quietly*

Might I claim 'third' as a comment leaver?
Or..if not, that's perfectly acceptable as well.

I'm fond of how those two lines are a simple truth in my life.

Though, I gotta tell ya.....I'm not sure it's just 'the boy bits under certain circumstances' that score tears.
I've been 'racked' by a bike--tears happened.
Ever had a not so gentle mammogram?

JUST my humble opinion AND my experience... methinks it's not just a boy bit thingy.

*sneaking back out*

I, like the view said...

well it does make me think of take the plank out of your own eye before you take the splinter out of someone else's, or whatever that phrase is, especially if you read tears [crying] as tears [rips] (if you see what I mean)

Egal Bohen said...

Mel - Thank you - I am honoured

And yes I take the point (STS)but thats it exactly - we need to communicate to understand one another. (Being a bloke I'm personally trying to avoid mamograms.)

Isn't that the real power of poetry though - every line can mean something slightly different to whoever is reading it, just EP (Endless Possibilities)

Don't you get up early !

I,LTV (AKA - I, Like chocolate too)-Thats another I hadn't considered - I must have a plank in my eye..

Thankyou both for the comments

I, like chocolate too said...

(actually, I only like either white - with very little real chocolate! - or dark - upwards of 75% cocoa solids; give me Love Hearts or a stick of rock any day!)

I, like chocolate too said...

oh! it disappeared. . . I was going to say she was up late, not early - she's from across the pond

she being the cat's mother of course


are you happy for me to keep commenting (I'll stick to thoughts on the poetry in future!)?

Egal Bohen said...

I,LTV - You do not have to be I, LCT, it was only a joke.

I like dark chocolate best, (I don't think white chocolate is chocolate is it?) but will eat any shade AAP (At a Pinch)

I love the comments so keep them coming - but I am still learning the rope STS so bear ( To avoid any misunderstanding, of which there seems a quite lot around here!, NOT THE HAIRY SORT) with me..