Monday, 18 June 2007

I know it's going to be hard for me to get wings........

If you believe in God
Surely you would want to know
How it began
Gods mighty plan
That we speak of but don’t understand
I mean faith
Does it have to be blind?
Do you think God
Really would mind?
If we asked a question or two
About how he made me and you?
Did God know everything then?
Before he invented men
Was the story of Man
Predicted too
Our heaven
Our hell
And all we would do
If so
Then what was the point
Why open a book
To read or begin
A story thats written
If it's already “Fin”
What did God really want
To do then
With Man?
Did he have
Or have not
A predicted plan
(Interested greatly in which I am)
And thinking of questions as I go along
If - God - made- life - all- in -one - go
Where did the information on life come from?
Perhaps we were something
He thought of
Me and you
On a day out to his local zoo
Or when singing a song
Walking home through the park
One evening in space
Long after dark
Thinking One (Adam)
And then Eve (Two)
A duet perhaps
Lifes song to improve
Did he prophesy then
As homeward he went
Back to his god-like grand tenement
Of Mans hates
His desires
All those things we do wrong
That long list of naughty things
(Sins like this song!)
To which man persistently
Addictively clings
(I know, .........its going to be hard for me to get wings)
It would seem then if man (the idea) was quite new
He was a concept of God
Perhaps well thought through
But Man........................m'mm
He could be an accident though
A product of life
A bit like a crow
If that were the case
Could God ever have known
What Man was
When life started
What evolution would clone?
Or perhaps when God
Began his great plan
(You know what I mean the story of Man)
God used an idea from his memory store
From a play
He'd seen somewhere before
But then if he knew
How man would behave
How all planet earth
Man would come to invade
Before it all started
(I mean before mans life had begun)
If god knew what Man was like
Must have had one HELL of a dislike
For everything else under the sun!
If you think
About then
In what we believe
It doesn't add up
To what we perceive
Was Man planned?
Was he not?
Did God write the whole plot?
Or did he just boil up the stew?
Those questions now spoken
My mind I’ll keep open
(For its hard to work out what is true!)
But then
Having carried out
A Very
Very quick review
I don’t think myself
That he actually knew
I mean I don't think that man
Was the whole of Gods plan
From creation
I think Man just grew
I think it could be
God is life
As it began
God is a beginning
From which Life sprang
Life that is conscious
And was born to expand
A Clan
I think God is a part of ourselves
We don't know
That is growing
His Universe flows
Whatever the case
The answers we’ll find
By questioning
Line after line
The one thing
I am sure of
To know God
In our minds
If faith is required
It need not
Be blind


Egal Bohen

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