Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Big Bang -v- The Big Doughnut Theory


Is a beginning?
Is an end?
This much we first
Must comprehend
If we would know how all things are
To know how came
That distant star
To know how came
The Universe
Where came the matter
Wide dispersed
To seek the point
Where it began
Would be indicative of Man
With his new found science
The building blocks of Life
‘til now
But as for that required
Big doughnuts
(Those with holes not jam)
Would be more relevant to Man
When He would fit
The Universe
'His' plan
For all beginnings
Time has seen
Are always the end
Of another dream
For all Beginnings
Are also an End
Of another state
That was ‘til then
So 'Big Bangs' are fine
For those who would see
An inch from their nose in the great Ghobi
But are little more (in the plan of things)
Than the butterfly which from its chrysalis springs


Egal Bohen

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