Friday, 8 June 2007

Who Are You I Am Me

Are you in my world
Or am I in yours
What brings us together
Is it life
Through its doors
Does the road that we travel
Move or the car
Is it just time
Makes a journey seem far
Does the moon really move
Up and then down
When viewed from afar
It just goes around
In which direction
Does the Earth spin
Depends where you are
Which dimension your in
What is hot what is cold
What’s it called in between
Relies on your species
How thick is your skin
And a measure to measure
A metre of cloth
First must be measured
By a measure of course
What is long what is short
How big is a horse
Zoom in or zoom out
It is distance perforce
There is no beginning
There will be no end
Which is down which is up
Does it matter my friend
What are we made of
What do we see

Faces in mirrors

Who are you?

I am me


Egal Bohen

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