Thursday, 7 June 2007

Chocolate Socks

The sea was made of lemonade
The beach from chocolate drops
The cliffs were made of toffee
The trees from Brighton rock
Boy scouts wielded hammers
Chipping toffee off in blocks
And girls who paddled on the shore
They all had
Chocolate socks


Egal Bohen


I, like the view said...

this has made me smile so!

I might have to go and look on my sweety shelf for something suitable

rock from Polzeath, I think. . .

Egal Bohen said...

Do you realize - this - is the very first comment on my blog!
Thankyou for finding me I, like the view. perhaps you should be called I, like the chocolate too. I've bever seen any Polzeath rock, its mainly sand I think..

I, like the view said...

(slate - to be precise)(gorgeous deep pinks and aqua-turquoises!)

Gordie said...

Hello Egal, I've just popped over from ILTV's blog, where tout l'ile are enthusiastic about your poetry. Glad you've started blogging. Greetings from Devon, where the rock is the colour of bacon.

Egal Bohen said...

You are most welcome and thanks for the greetings - I am still learning the ropes..