Friday, 27 August 2010

A Word

A word Is a craft
A thought launched from our mind
Into the flux of invisible time
A drawn out, extended
Gossamer string
That travels dimensions
In need of no wings


Egal Bohen

Defiance II

I defy the morning rising
Though I saw the setting sun
I defy that night is coming
Even though my day is done
I defy all that is spoken
But seek truth, where ‘ere its from
I defy the masses massing
Knowing not their right or wrong
I defy all of creation
Yet I think I do belong
I defy the very tempest
Though I know I am not strong
I defy all life’s illusions
Yet love what they're built upon
I defy that death will take me
It's long lonely journey on
I defy the very moment
When all things return to one
I defy the state of nothing
Which is why I wrote this song
As my spirit will be fighting
Still defiant
On and on
When all around
Is dressed in silence
After every thing has

Egal Bohen

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Epitaph of Man

As scattered light
Spread by the dawn
Infused in nature
We are born

As grey clouds cross
A winters sky
With silver streaked
We live and die 

As cold winds blow
The flurried snow
Into the night
So we must go

But not before 

Our time has come
To touch the earth
To feel the sun

Our colours mixed
Our brush out flung
Our canvas painted
With no plan

And yet so


This life



Egal Bohen

Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees
Whose ragged wings
Summers gone
Still bravely forage
On and on
Now amongst
More seeds
Than flowers
With sleeping powers
Once yellow coats
Now beige
With hours
Of dedicated purpose
Such busy lives
They never moan
Back and forth
To and fro
Until the sun sunk orange glow
Sends them to bed
No one knows


Egal Bohen
August 2010