Thursday, 7 June 2007

Black Silver

Silver is the mirror
Where colours cannot run
From one into another
For silver it has none

Silver is a blackness
Which defies pure light to come
And when it does
Reflects it
It's image still as one

So that when you look upon it
Your face it will become
Not in silver
But the colours
With which your face does run

Then with your world behind you
By light reflected one
Not in blackness
But in colours
You are colours of the sun

All mirrors do remind us
That colour
Is the light
And that they do not see us
In the darkness of the night

For colours
Are but energy
From the spectrum as it falls
On everything around us
Except from silver balls

The colours of the rainbow
The colours in the sky
The colours of our galaxy
Are in a baby’s eye

Colours all around us
Enable us to see
That the world in which we live
Is part of us


Egal Bohen

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