Friday, 8 June 2007

Eternally (Emotions in Dimensions of the Universal Sea)

Created as a fresh new page
With eyes that gazed in awe
At the colours of the rainbow
And at everything I saw

I soon became distracted
As I stepped out through the door
To wander through those places
Where grew life with all its flaws

Where the information screaming
At my senses from around
Like the currents of a river
Carried me where they were bound

So my awe became diluted
And illusion did me drown

Whilst bewildered I was learning
Something yet had to be found

In unravelling that message
I looked in, at what was me
Where I saw that though some words were writ
My page was half empty

So I looked a little closer
At that page and all I’d done

I looked at what life meant to me
The sadness and the fun

That page was old and dirty now
Dog eared and life stained
There wasn’t much to see on it
That from my life I’d gained

So I peered again and then did see
The words at which I’d looked
Had form
And depth
And meaning

More than words within a book

For those words which I had written
When my page was fresh and new
Held a message in dimensions
That before I had not viewed

For each word that there was written
Was a lesson I should note
If only I took time
To understand

What I had wrote

So from that moment
I then looked
Upon my life again
Viewing all it’s situations
(And it was not without pain)

So that learning what life was
All it's ups
All it’s downs

I could then look through life’s colours
Into where my life was bound

Understanding that the words we use
Recording all we see
What we learn
What we become
They are our destiny
For our words will be our signature
When here we cease to be
In our spirits

To endure


A Universal Sea


Egal Bohen


I, like the view said...

I like the view


(word ver: moebius-loop. . . honestly it was!)

Egal Bohen said...

I know an amoeba is a single celled animal but I didn't know they did aerobatics - please explain..

Egal Bohen said...

Found something to enlighten me..

A Moebius loop can be regarded as two, side-by- .... from :the general expression of the distributed. internal inductance. of the. coaxial line, using: ..

I,LTV - Does this mean you share or relate to the content of this poem?

I, like the view said...


this is my favourite loop image:

(sorry, have lost the html code for a link in comments!)

Egal Bohen said...

Thanks I,Like the view - I see....

Not sure I fully understand the asociation, so if you have the inclination, and the time you might bring me up to date on the use of the expression.(A bit like BTW)

I take you thought the poem was OK?