Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Wild Places

Wild places

Dwells my mind
To places distant
There to find
A peace
Not of mankind

Thoughts wander
Back and forth between
Though in a dream
Sweet solace to aspire to
From desk
To silent shade of far deep wood
To heathered hill
Where I have climbed
To gaze upon such places
Well denied
The clatter of our modern lives

To drink a draft
Of nature
-Stay alive
In peace with time
To think
On things that otherwise

I trample o’er
In my desire
Down there below

For such silence
Is much sweeter to my mind
When quiet contemplation
I would find

And so my soul does force along
My body tired
Exhausted on
To tramp the tracks
That climb and wind

Into the hills
That this old mind
Can lonely be
For just a while
-So it survive
This world of time
That it retains
Some sanity
To help


Egal Bohen

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