Monday, 11 June 2007

Religions of Man Part IV

All those that suffer
Are immortalised through pain

While those that suffering cause
Describe the word

Deliberate suffering caused
Defines evil in its shame

By civilised man judged an act
Of the insane

Now man is considered as a primitive creature
But if he can judge
And forgive
He is a leader

So if there is a God
I would expect it to be

Wiser than man
By at least
For if man can forgive
Then so should his God
Not punish
Nor use Hell as a rod
So I won’t believe all the preachers tell me
Of the fear
Or the punishment they say has to be
Neither I believe in the death that is preached
In the name of religions
By fanatics that teach
For I would dispute
That they represent God
Despite all their books
Or their prayers
Or their nods
For God teaches me
God will never

Even one single

Who gets lost in the depth
And this is how I
Would expect God to be
More forgiving
More merciful
Than me
So we all have to learn
To forgive to be free
Of the suffering
The anger
The pain
For as long as we murder
We torment and we maim
The longer will Mankind
Through religion be shamed
For in the blood of it's victims
Blasts it's name

On the streets of the world
Through faiths
That are chained

To a blindness
That is tribal

But is destined to be changed
Through the will of the loving
Who with living
Will engage

We need understanding
That we learn the power of love
So to listen
Not to Men

Who preach Death
Through the Dove

Always to remember
The One True God
Is the Universe 
We live in
From which none
May be lost


Egal Bohen

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