Monday, 11 June 2007

Time 2

T wo
I ndependent
M oving
E lements
Are all you need for

One to go
One to stay
There you have the start of a day
This may sound too simple
For those who would dwell
For hour after hour
On theories more swell
But I have this feeling
That if all should stop
There’d be nothing to measure
For my dear old clock
For before there was movement
Then nothing took


Just a mighty great
One thing
Stuck in its prime
Pure separation
It would seem was the crime
That put us in
Sent us off down the line
But where it began
Now there’s a thought
That must have been
We left
The first nought
Since then have we travelled
(Our worlds if not us)
For considerable periods
Dust into Dust
So long has our travel
Since that point been
That now we all live
A continuous dream
No past and no future
Just present it seems
Everything joined
With no gaps in between
Is the one thing
We cannot divorce
From our life on earth
A formidable force
Yet though it’s quite simple
To see TIME extends
It’s considerably harder
To know
Where it ends
We cannot begin
With our minds to discuss
That complex question
Affects us
For the nature of
If Man ever could know
Would shatter his dreams
And his mind
In one blow
But one thing within us
Would still then remain
Not aged
Just the same
Born from a place
On which
Has no claim
That essence
That freedom
Which dwells in our frame
Our Spirit
Our Being
Known just


Our Name


Egal Bohen

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