Friday, 15 June 2007

The Apple

The apple was a story
For if something is not known
Guidance must be given
Before we can find home
For those who need no learning
Know the consequences too
But laws are passed
For those that don’t

That’s what
The apple

Had to do

It’s taking was journey
For man to set upon
The point to learn
Was learning

Where all answers do come from
The Apple
Was a symbol
A law
That it was wrong
To take something
You should not have
To man did not belong

It could have been a melon
One day perhaps
A star

The message
It has stayed the same

We need first learn
Who we are

For if all had been for taking
When man first got his brain
If all had been available
All was sunshine
Without rain
There wouldn’t
Any loving be

Just pleasure

In time it will be plain to us
What the apple had to do
But first
We have
To use our lives

To find out what is true
For passion
Perhaps waiting
For taking
Giving too
For self control
Comes from within

Helps your conscience become you 


Egal Bohen

1 comment:

craig andrew said...

While her eyes held mine in the soft grip that is love,
she took my hand and placed it on her breast.
It was clear that she wanted to give me her... no, share with me her...

I recoiled with a jerk, then stammered... "sorry"
losing the moment in doubt,
because I was afraid.
Not of her,
but of the responsibility.