Saturday, 9 June 2007

Reflections of a Kind

Ripples on a lake
Are like thoughts within our minds
Events above its surface
Life's images unwind

But beneath is the reality
Hid in silence far below
In deep shadow, on the lake bed
In our minds, we need to go

For the peace that we are after
Is something never to be found
In the objects that life lends us
Scattered all around

Those gadgets of obsession
Possessions that are bound
For the trash bins of the future
There discarded, as unsound

Surface waters are distractions
Reflections of a kind
Where float mirages of matter
Mingling chaos with mankind

But peace, if we would seek it
Is a truth we still may find
Found hidden in the deepness
Of that lake, which is our mind


Egal Bohen

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