Wednesday, 20 June 2007

What you know what you should say


You don’t want to speak
Its probably because
You don’t like
What you know


Egal Bohen


Mel said... true is THAT for a whole lotta folks.

My problem is I sometimes don't know what I shouldn't say. (please note that's 'sometimes')
Or....sometimes I do and I say it anyway cuz --cuz!

Egal Bohen said...

I know the feeling - it usually hits me mid-sentence, in any case always too late!

I, like the view said...

too true for me

and I say it anyhow. . .

will I ever learn. . .

Egal Bohen said...

In that case perhaps we should all have little notices on our foreheads saying

"Sorry - I shouldn't have said that"


Egal Bohen said...

Actually the poem is about what we don't say

It's more about giving credit where it's due, being honest enough to recognise the whole argument and then actually say it

I'm not very good at that


Mel said...

Dunno....I have a habit (or is it a discipline) of pausing before speaking so I'm actually saying what needs said in the most necessary, kind and true manner I can muster.
I'm not off the hook just cuz I haven't put it together to be kindly.

I wanna just SAY it, already.
What I don't always like is getting to put it into compassionate/loving terms.
And sometimes, perhaps the most compassionate/loving terms are those people will/can actually hear? (not necessarily 'nice')
LOL That's my justification that doesn't quite 'fly' with wisepersoninmylife yet, even though I keep usin' it.

I know what I oughta be saying.
I just don't always know HOW I oughta be saying it.

HEY!!! Maybe I don't like being compassionate and loving!!
*ding ding ding*

*shaking head and chuckling*
Got a corner around this joint? LOL I think I need to put myself in it. ;-)

Egal Bohen said...

That's great Mel,

I think it's probably a "no win" situation where we have to revert to what they refer to in computer talk as "saved settings".

In human speak "doing your best"!, and accept it is not always going to hit the spot.