Friday, 15 June 2007


Whatever is an alien?
Is a question you may well ask
Would we recognise one if we saw one
Or can you look right through them
Like glass
For whatever their form
It would seem that
They are nothing like you nor me
They are known to have skin like an octopus
I‘m told
And may crawl up the beach from the sea
They too it would seem
Can appear as large plants
That eat people
That wander abroad
Being prone
To fungal infections
I hear
Their roots may turn soft
Their leaves all drop off
So that
Right over
They fall
It also appears to be custom
For aliens to have very strange heads
Whilst the rest of their bodies
Look remarkably like ours
No surprise!
With two arms
And two legs
This could just be a coincidence

But I’m rather inclined to believe
That it’s a lack of original thinking
Or the film budget feeling the squeeze
Have you noticed as well
If not bipeds
Through plastic tubes

Next favourites for aliens
Are overgrown insects
From which film directors
Can choose
A cockroach build a computer?
Seems a bit far fetched to me!
Let alone develop a space ship
That can travel at warp speed three
And ..
Have you noticed whatever the genetics

Or the species evolutionary line
It helps to make them much creepier
If they leave a long trail of slime!
-Couple this with an inherent ability
For their larvae
To suddenly spring
From their mothers clutch
Down into our guts
Then squirm about under our skin
And there you would have
"The Alien"
“Poor fellow”
Is all I would say
For it can’t be much fun
Wouldn’t you agree
If under a stone
Was your ancestral home
Where would you take afternoon tea?
You may think this all

A bit critical
As these popular concepts
I abuse
But I’m afraid that I just can’t help thinking
(Of course purely metaphysically speaking)
When they walk down the ramp
Of their inter-galactic bus
Won’t have eight legs

Scales on their heads
Drip slime on the floor
Discharge yellow pus
But in fact
Look a little

Like us


Egal Bohen

Photo Courtesy of Hubble


Mel said...

*checking for slime and pus and counting legs*


Egal Bohen said...

Now that's another angle..