Friday, 15 June 2007

Away from the Slimy Pit to Slide

Each day
A challenge
We are sent
As how we treat
It's discontent
Each Day
With open mind
We face
All that comes
Despite our state
Our burdens
In our pack
Each day we learn
Not to step back
The challenge
Not to further plunge
Into to the slippery
Slimy gunge
The pit that’s writ
That is
Of our creation
The challenge
When confronted
How we react
No turning back
So shall we stop
To let sink in
Our brains
The constant din
That each day drowns
Our minds
Those messages
That come
With each
We give

Ourselves the chance
As visions
On the current pass
To clutch a moment
For the branch
That’s offered
That lends us
For just a second
Lets us see
The message sent
In what is said
A dawningThat message sent
Into our head
Its meaning
Or shall we
On the torrent ride
To all outside
Avert our gaze
Avert our eye
Hear what we need
And set aside
That truth inside
We do
Or cannot see
Those signals come
From far and wide
To open minds
If we would focus
The precious gift
Which they create
An opportunity
For learning
So barriers down
Open our minds
Examine the actions
As they unwind
See that which hides
Beneath the facade
The obvious passion
And we might see
Just the slightest glint
Of lesson learnt
Of a subtle hint
We can control
Can change the way
By the things we say
Even in the midst
Of the darkest day
Then deep within
The rattle and hum
Of our daily strife
As we go and come
As the torrent of life
Tears at our coats
We turn
Not hearing
What was spoke
That lesson may
Just help us survive
From the slimy pit
To slide.
For how else could it be
That we ever learn
If not from the life
For which we all burn
The very life
We both love
And hate
Its purpose being
To teach
Not break


Egal Bohen


Mel said...

Well, that affirms all that I believe.

Thank you for that!

Egal Bohen said...

Thats good because it means I didn't get it completely wrong