Monday, 11 June 2007

The Turn of the Time

Image Polkerris - Cornwall

Each wave
Of the sea
That falls
On the shore
Falls not
On the place
Of the wave
Just before
The seas move
With the tides
As they come
And they go
And all things
In the sea
Are the same
'In the flow'
But our 'tide'
Is the Time
Which carries
Us through
From our past
To our future
The present
We know
But one day
It may be
That the Time
It may turn
Like the tide
On the beach
From which
we may learn
On the sand
You can tell
Where each
Little wave fell
With the flotsam
It carried
For it lies there
as well
If the quest
Is to get
Up the beach
I just hope
That mankind
Can succeed
Or God
Throws him
a rope
For at the turn
Of the Time
After such
A long ride
It would be
A disaster
If Man were
To find
That he was
Just as dross
On the beach
Left behind
Or worse still
Carried off
Cast adrift
With no line
To be washed
Back and forth
In the
Oceans of Time


I, like the view said...

have you ever read this?

There's this little wave, a he-wave who's bobbing up and down in the ocean off the short having a great time. All of a sudden he realizes that he is going to crash into the shore. In this big wide ocean he's now moving towards the shore and he'll be annihilated.

"My G*d, what's going to happen to me?" he says, a sour and despairing look on his face.

Along comes a female wave, bobbing up and down, having a great time. And the female wave says to the male wave,
"Why are you so depressed?"

The male wave says, "You don't understand. You're going to crash into that shore and you'll be nothing."

She says, "You don't understand. You're not a wave, you're part of the ocean."

I don't know if it's your sort of thing! (personally I'm not sure about the fe/male thing)

Egal Bohen said...

No I havn,t, well I have now you've let me. Its very good. I think it's called seeing the bigger picture, no man is an island etc.

I was just trying to imagine time as a tide, and where it might be taking us, trying to think outside the box I think they call it.

You see I have discovered that we cannot understand our world by thinking in the way we have all been taught.

This is why my poetry is a bit peculiar.


I, like the view said...

who taught you how to think about the world, who taught you how to think, how did you make your discovery. . .

I, like the view said...

(I don't think it is perculiar! do you mean by that that it is different, or do you mean you want it to be different?)

Egal Bohen said...
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Egal Bohen said...

Oh Dear I wondered what that dustbin was for.

(I am composing a suitable reply to your many relevant and valid questions which will be posted soon.)

Watch this space


Egal Bohen said...

Well, So many questions, (I will try not to delete this)

Blinfolded by our own perception
we inhabit a lie that is perpetuated unknowingly by those who teach us about our world.

The view of the world we had as a child is nearer to reality and to the truth of how things are.

Good question I just do - probably I have a defect in my programming.

By observation and asking questions


Poem Peculiar (PPOEM?)

Peculiarly I don't know, but I never want a poem to be anything, but itself.

I suppose:

I don't "want" them to be "different"

I don't "want" them to be "normal"

I don't "want" them to be "peculiar"

I suppose:
I just really "want" them to "be".

But, because some of the content originates from the separate world of the mind, which in my case could be classed "peculiar", to some people, some of my poetry may seem a little bit "peculiar" (STS).

(I know this from the strange comments that have been made about it from time to time!)

When you think about it though (The poetry), it may become less peculiar, or possibly more peculiar.

BTW - I am glad you don't find them peculiar.


I, like the view said...

(now I'm humming that tune "life is so peculiar" - know it?!)

so it's a kind of letting go thing. . . just being

I get that

(BTW what is STS?!)


Egal Bohen said...

Yes - Just being - what it is - to everyone.

Which is many things, perhaps even to some people - peculiar.

Meaning of STS
H'mm - I think I may have answered this on another comment but you may not find it very quickly, so I will answer it for you here as well:

STS means "So to Speak" (a bit like "ie", "for example" etc. Have you heard the expression?

I am just picking up some blogging expertise or methods (having now got 14+ days experience) that save me repeatedly typing commonly used phrases - (I see everyone does it)
(Except that is, that this phrase may not be commonly used!) (except by OGH poets)

I picked this practice up from you BTW

Anyway, HAND (Have a nice day)
(This is another example you see)

Fun isn't it?

I am going to COSMOP (chuck out some more old poems) now...



Mel said...

Pardon the intrusion--but would that mean I'm peculiar for not finding them peculiar?

NOT that I'd mind being seen as peculiar. LOL

Egal Bohen said...

No intrusion Mel, the more the merrier.

Who knows who the peculair ones are?

Depends on your own idea of "peculiar" I suppose.

I am glad you don't think my poetry is peculiar Mel - (you may want to change your mind at some later stage tho')


Mel said...

I'm a bit stubborn that way(I like what I like, dontchaknow).

And I'm liking the variety, quite frankly.
Some make me laugh.
Other's make me wanna ask The Big Guy for the 'upgrade. LOL
Believe it or not, I'd asked Him for that one already and I'm yet to get it.
Though I DID get a Window's Vista upgrade in the mail about two months ago.

You don't think----

Egal Bohen said...

Be dissapointing Mel wouldn't it?

..Times might be a bit hard tho', and we can probably only take so much in one go, havn't got enough RAM

Like you say tho, there is a message in everything, stars and signs and things... so have to keep the mind open.

Let me know if you find out that it is.