Friday, 8 June 2007


You cannot confuse Science
With God
They are the same
One entity
Different name


Egal Bohen


Anonymous said...

Can we confuse hand with man?
Or, leaf with tree?

Egal Bohen said...


I just typed a lengthy reply to your observation above, posted it and it has dissapeared into the void .....(probably intercepted by God or one of his spies as it may have been considered blasphemous)

It has probably appeared on someone elses blog (possibly in the Chiselhurst area) where it will cause even more confusion.

I can,t remember exactly what I said now but I will recreate it in spirit and re=post it in due course. Appologies!

Please watch this space!


Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary, I shall watch... no hurries, no worries. C:)

Egal Bohen said...

Right - Second Attempt to reply to your comment Craig:

You are right - Leaf -Tree, Universe-God

I am just trying to draw the mind away from the common conception of God as an old grey haired bloke sitting on a throne somewhere.

I'm not sure what people who believe in God do picture God as, or if they picture him/her/it at all.

I think some people who say they believe in God don't know what they believe in, which I find strange.

But I think a lot of people who don't believe in God don't believe in the old grey haired man on a throne bit. ( Someone who they also they expect to put all their problems right, or prevent them from occurring in the first place!)
(Because that never happens, and so they lose faith, if they ever had any!)

However, if you explained to those people that God was also the whole of the universe (assuming they understand what that is!), everything in which was of the same energy, the same matter (ie what we are beginning now to know as the "science" of the universe), including US, and that perhaps GOD is EVERYTHING, including all conscious life, ie US as well, and that the only control GOD exerts is through us - then - then I think they may find it a bit easier to understand and believe in God.

If people believe in God:

God has to be the whole - The whole has to be God - there can't be any half way scenarios. (This is the gist of the Chislehurst poem)

I think now we are in the 21st Century we need a new way of thinking of God, or whatever we want to call the force out of which everything is created

The poem oversimplifies the situation but I think the first thing we need to do is identify the hand is connected to something, the leaf is connected to something, WE are connected to something.

I don't think people get confused about it as you say- I just don't think most people even realize it!

We are all too busy thinking about our own pathetic lives and what we can get while we are here.

Most people even ignore the fact that one day they are going to die!

I am trying to reach a truer understanding and realization of how things are myself, with this poem. (and several others too!)

I am not particularly religious in the accepted sense and I am quite happy to live out my life never knowing the truth if that is how it has to be.

But I would not be happy if I hadn't TRIED to understand.

Do you see?

Thanks for the comments


Anonymous said...

Egal, I do see and agree!

It is my perspective, and experience, that truer(??) images of ourselves, the universe, and the Divine must include the fifth dimension of consciousness. And, the sensory apparatus that allows us to experience that dimension is emotion.

Unfortunately, we are in a time where everyone is so awed by our logic and reason, and use it as the evidence of consciousness ("I think, therefore I am."). But, I would argue that our ability to feel emotions is a far greater indicator of consciousness ("I feel, therefore I am." In fact I think Descartes would have been more accurate if he said, "I think, therefore I was.") and a far more accurate tool to understand the hidden truths about ourselves, the universe, and God.

Thank you for the blog...