Thursday, 7 June 2007

Find the Unicorn

Does not

Cannot be
Think about it

Is exists

I am me

All is

You are
Things have form
I see

Ideas I can describe to you
Thoughts may come to be
Yet nothing
Is a nonsense

That none of us can see
'No thing'
Has no description

Can't be conceived

They are beyond conception

They cannot
Be believed

So why we talk in riddles

Of something we won't find
Of nothings
When just all things

Are all that fill our minds
NowI thinks this is a barrier
To knowing how things is
(Forgive me very bad English
For that is what it is)
We need to find
The Unicorn

Beyond that distant star
For until
He is a "something
We will stay
Just like
We are


Egal Bohen

(For another poem on the Unicorn see "The Poetry of Egal Bohen - Unicorn")

Image credit unknown

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