Sunday, 3 June 2007



Have you see the Unicorn?
He hides amidst a forest of words
Which make him hard to see

Is not

But he is there
At the edge of the wood
He sometimes comes to stand
To enlighten a world that does not see
The fabric of his land

See there
Beneath the tree
See his silver coat
That gleams without the sun
See his slender
Spiralled horn
That says
We are one

See how with head tossed back
His feet strike sparks from out the ground
See, with eyes of smouldering fire
Looks he around
This Unicorn
The symbol
Out of which ideas are born

Some say he is a myth
He cannot be
Alas as they pass by
They do not even see the tree
But they should never mock his fabled crown
His concept
Is the path
To where
True answers may be found

And should you think this talk is foolish and unsound
I shall not be offended
Feel free
To keep on looking at the ground


Egal Bohen

(For another Unicorn Poem see "The Poetry of Egal Bohen - Find the Unicorn"

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Patricia said...

Egal, tonight I was most fortunate to discover this poem on I was searching for a unicorn poem to accompany a photo I'd taken today of a wonderful unicorn ice sculpture. I fell in love with your poem! You said just what I would have wanted to say if I were a poet. So I have posted your Unicorn poem on my photo blog and hope you are comfortable with that. Of course I put your name as author and a link to this blog. The image URL is

Now I want to explore your other works. I suspect we are kindred spirits.

in gratitude

Egal Bohen said...

Patricia that is fine, and thank you for your kind comments.
I have seen our photograph and it is strikingly beautiful.
Thanks for leaving the link and please feel free to use any of my work in that way if you need to.

Best wishes to you and kind regards