Saturday, 2 June 2007




Speak out while you are here f
or we are listening
We have not come to pass the time of day
As you might say
But wait upon your offering
Speak out while you are here

Speak out
For if your thoughts unto yourself you keep
The world may weep
And people here
And people there
And people everywhere
Will more misguided come
So do not hold your tongue

Speak out
Let us have some variation on the theme
Speak freely
Not thoughts you think we like to hear
But thoughts that sear and form and grow
To change
Change our cluttered cramped ideas
Speak out

For that is why you are here


Egal Bohen

(The second half of this poem heads Chapter 1 of the book :

"Essentials of Corporate Communication:
Implementing Practices for Effective Reputation Management"
Authors Cees B.M. van Riel, Charles J Fombrun

accessed through the link in the sub-title above the poem)

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