Sunday, 3 June 2007

Circles, Stars and Signs

The navigator smiling said:
These simple rules apply
To those of us who travel
Or who wonder at our lives

No matter what the journey
How difficult or far
To know where you are going
You must first know where you are

The navigator does this
With tools that he has found
That work to his advantage
When circles going round

The second rule, less obvious
Is that it’s sometimes best
Even when a sign points East
To get there going West

For everywhere are circles
And as they are all round
There are many ways that you will see
To get where you are bound

So unless you want to wander lost
Midst heavens, sea or mind
The knowledge of just where you are
Is the answer you must find

Some often seek no answers
Accepting what they are
Distracted by the trinkets of life
Admiring of the Stars

While we plot their every motion
Stars are the picket fence
Ready to be taken
When we should find the sense

But they neither are the answer
To know just where we are
For although the same components
Stars know not Earth from Mars

It’s essentially requisite
That we first look in, not out
For that is where the answers are
To know what life's about

So when we would explore the Seas
The heavens or our minds
We should apply the rules that help
With circles, stars and signs

We then shall find the answers
Wherever we shall look
For answers come from questions here
Just as words do make a book


Egal Bohen