Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Why talk of Nothing

If you should talk of nothing
Then nothing you shall see
For nothing is not this world
For nothing cannot be

Nothing has but no thing
No thing there to see
No shape
No sound
No texture
No weight
No density

So if you can describe it
Then do so please to me
For it defies description
It has none you will see

And if you think an empty space
Is a nothing you may find
Just think what is around it
Something on your mind?

While things exist in every form
From thoughts to what you see
There is no such thing as nothing
Just spaces that are free

For as long as just one thing remains
A nothing you won't find
Don't speak of it as if it were
It cannot be defined

So do not doubt that all things are
For it is clear to see
That once there was a something
Only everything could be

Egal Bohen

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