Monday, 13 June 2011

Souls Memories (or Dreams)

In times of deepest sleep
Our human souls
Those parts of us
That when we pass
Turn not to dust
May climb the staircases of time
Move through dimensions
To find
Their way to unknown places
There to roam

 There amidst a wordless world
Were thoughts are loud
And take upon themselves their form
There they move
In timeless motion
Fly through uncorrupted truth
Until the point when rudely woken
Then we call them
Home to roost
Whereupon their swift arriving
Causes ripples in our brains

Not designed were never intended
Ever to record
Such games
Deposited then within our memory
As they landed
In a heap 
Strange memories
From a world so strange and deep
And so it is our dreams are sent us
Cut up and censored
Souls memories
Our deepest


Egal Bohen

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