Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Examinations of our Minds

To those of us who judge
(unknowingly or by deliberation)
I say this

When judging others
We ourselves should exercise
Similar examinations
Of our own minds

That we miss not those faults we own

And yet ignore

When serpent like we hiss
Outside the others door


Enabling words
Formed deep in the abyss
To travel from our minds
So blind
To scornful lips

Words born of arrogance
Part of ourselves
We do not see


They lie in us

The same as that we mock
In 'He'

Those faults of others

That of which we all do moan

All the time of those immortal words

Let him who has no sin
Cast first the stone


Egal Bohen


english inukshuk said...

it's not me (casting the first stone)(not that I'd cast one, you understand)

Happy New Year, Egal..

I hope you are well and enjoying life

Egal Bohen said...

Thanks I,LTV

Hope you are OK too

I need to find some time to spend on this blog I think! - but otherwise I'm fine thanks - Looking forward to the spring and some sun.

Hope 2011 is a good one for you!



english inukshuk said...

I just have to say that upon rereading this, I'm bewitched by your use of vocabulary. . .

. . .it's quite stunning


Egal Bohen said...


You are too kind - but thanks anyway!
I just wish my old (much respected) English teacher (a certain Mr Hargreaves)could have heard you say that about my vocabulary - mind you he would probably say everything this poem contravened every rule of grammar he ever tried to teach me!

Words are incredible things though, don't you think?