Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Our World

Our world

Is no different

To anything else

We might build
We have to put

A lot of the work in

Egal Bohen

September 2010


english inukshuk said...

this is so true - sometimes it's exhausts me. . .

. . .but, I take a deep breath, perhaps have a rest and then keep on going. . .

. . .the simplest truths are often the most significant

as ever your verse is just right

(it's I,LTV, I moved cyberplaces)

Egal Bohen said...

Don't worry -am always pleased to hear from you wherever you may be in cyberspace! (and I thought oh, I have a new reader!)

You are right, the simplest truths are often the most significant but also often those we are most blind to.

Life is what we make it but it's that distraction thing, ..some of us, including myself, have perhaps been to busy living it to have noticed!

Take care