Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Religions of Man Part 11 - or - "Thousands of Years of Incredible Pain"

Tell me of my God
My guide
Not my judge

Of wide open spaces
Of sky and of love

Tell me of my God

Of light
Not of dark

Of the days that we live in
Not dust from the past

Tell me of my God

Not sheep in a line

Nor of Man's religions
Their dogmas
Their signs

Tell me of my God

A presence in mine

To be found in all things
Connected through Time

For here is God's presence

God's temple of peace

Seen from all places
South, West, North and East

Its the Earth and it’s peoples

It’s colours

It’s sounds

It’s lands and it’s oceans
Where life all abounds

The stars in the heavens

The Planets
Their seeds

These are the God in which I believe

And my God is no harm
To those prophets who spake
For all Mans religions
We now should debate

For my God begat them

As he begat thee

But God has now said

Its time God was free

Free of religions
Which slander God's name

The religions of Man

The fanatics insane

The churches
The mosques
The synagogues too

They have nothing to do with the God that I view

Their purpose was served
When their message was spread
In lands far apart

When men spoke
But not read

In days when Man lived in communities
Of far distant cultures
Of others
His kind

Their message was sent
Yet again and again

Delivered by prophets
With different names

At different times
With different claims

Religions got tangled
Within their own chains

And these messages left us a terrible curse

The division of Man
Across all of Earth

So it’s time to consider
The future of Man

As I can’t believe that this was God’s plan

For the fruits of Religion
Are seen all around

The innocent’s corpses
The blood soaked ground
We see it each day
On our screens we are taught


The reason that these people fought

If you add up the dead
The wounded and scarred

The innocents murdered
With complete disregard

Religion does not seem to offer much gain

Just thousands of years
Of incredible pain

So here is a statement
A statement of fact

Fit for our time

Man move forward not back

Its time to accept
All your Gods are the same
You are killing each other
Just over a name

So we should examine the Religions of Man

Keep what is good
Use what we can

But when we come to decide
What they’re worth


It is to Religion that hell owes it’s birth

So to whatever Religion
You may now belong
In whatever language
You sing holy song

Examine your conscience
Your mind let expand
See the twenty first century
As God wanted Man

For God never envisaged
That we should abuse

That greatest of gifts
The power to choose

For God has no favourites
We are all as one
And Religion can’t change that
It won’t be undone

So let us take time to read what was said

By the various Prophets now all long dead

Remember the fact that there can only be
One God for all of us

Surely you see

So if God should be known
By Man
As a whole

The time now has come
For us all
To enroll

In the knowledge of something
We have missed all this time…..

God is Universal
It's senses


Egal Bohen

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