Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Then go forward as gold that is struck by the Sun

To See
Child Life
The Lie
The Pain
Loss of Faith
Man's Delusion
Such is life's game
So hold
To that Moment
You first heard your Name
The lie not yet born
The mind still unstained
Then go forward
As gold that is struck by the Sun
A Life
New begun

Egal Bohen

July 2010


I, Like The View said...


and so very thought provoking, as always

I hope you are well, Egal..

Egal Bohen said...

Thanks, just working on the basis that the truth about our selves probably lies somewhere before the point that we developed our own egos!

I'm fine thanks, just got back from a few days in France which was like a tonic!

How about you?

I, Like The View said...

I've just returned from three weeks in Polzeath

it was wonderful


stay well, Egal..

I, Like The View said...

(I really really like your words "Then go forward as gold that is struck by the Sun" - so very beautiful)

Egal Bohen said...


You are lucky!- 3 weeks at Polzeath is a mammoth holiday - if it was a holiday- perhaps you were working tho'.

I only usually get to Polzeath in the winter -boxing day or something - when the wind is blowing and the beach is full of people with wellies and scarves - walking off their Christmas Dinners!
B'rrr - its much nicer in the summer I think!
Thanks for your comments - as always - you are my most loyal follower.

I'm very glad you like those particular words - they result from me looking at an old Arabian sword one day that had a small gold "proof mark" on it's blade, only about 3mm across, but suddenly it caught the sun as I was looking at it and flashed straight into my eye nearly blinding me!
It was a rather unique event that left me an impression of something that nothing could stop - and that is how I think we have to keep going forward in life - blinding everybody with our determination - like "gold that is struck by the sun" - so there - that's where it came from.
Do you find little things that occur sometimes make you aware of completely unrelated behaviours? Or is it just me!!
What do you think?
Take care