Monday, 3 March 2008

Dreams in a Box

As dreams in a box
We live out our lives
Aware of ourselves
Our worlds distance derived
Though horizons may come
And horizons may go
In boxes we stay
Trapped by Time
In it’s flow
Our decisions decide
Where that box with our name
May travel the system
Will move
Escape is uncertain
We have to be blind
To the world, as we know it

For it’s all in the mind


Egal Bohen
March 2008


Mel said...


Dreams in a box.
Hard to contain them--and I'm not certain I'd want to.

It's a lovely piece.

Egal Bohen said...

Thanks Mel

This is sort of connected with the "Where is your here" thing.

I think close horizon/distant horizon - We are still "in the box" with the same area of view, it's just one view (distant horizons) just become less detailed than the close ones.

The box does not get any bigger!

It stays real as long as you want it to.